Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pavle Paja Jovanović

Portrait of Muni
( His Wife )

Pavle "Paja" Jovanović spent a large portion of his life in Vienna, unlike his countrymen, such as Konstantin DanilNikola Aleksić, or Uroš Predić, who remained in Bećkerek, Modoš, Orlovat or Belgrade.Despite the fact that he had spent some time in Munich, Vienna remained the curial destination for his artistic career.He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts between 1877-1884, on a stipend from Matica Srpska, in the class of Karl Wutzinger, well known for this themes from history, and Leopold Karl Miller, the popular painter of oriental movies.Their contribution to Jovanović's thematic repertoire was certainly not small.A trip to Paris in 1876, then to Italy, enabled a better wiew into modern artistic trends as well as the skills of the old masters.The practice of that time took him on other paths as well.With Russian friend Franc Rubo he reached all the way to the Caucasus, then to Middle East, Montenegro, Hercegovina, and Albania, which is partially recounted in the Memoirs of Painter Pera Radovan.To see national dress personally, those were the imperatives for him.

Three Centuries of Serbian Painting - Miodrag Jovanovic

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