Saturday, January 22, 2011

Franz von Lenbach

                                       (  Young Shepherd - 1860 )

As a student at the Academy of fine Arts in Munich, Lenbach took courses with Karl Theodor Piloty in 1857 and studied en plein air with Johann Baptist Hofner.He traveled to Italy in 1858, and in 1863 he met Anselm Feuerbach, Hans von Marées, and Böcklin in Rome; in 1865, he went to Florence.Lenbach won a medal at the Paris Universal Expo in 1867.After a trip to Morocco in 1868, he settled in Vienna, where his friend and fellow painter Hans Makart lived.In Vienna he became an acclaimed portrait artist and won a prize for Emperor William 1 (1873).In 1876, Lenbach moved to Munich, and in 1878 he painted the first of many portraist of Bismarck; he gained widespread recognition in this city as well, Lenbach was given an aristocratic title in 1882 and assumed such offical duties as the creation of the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum.In 1886, he acquired an estate in Munich and designed a Florentine - style villa with architect Von Seidl.

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