Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sava Šumanović

Suzanne and the elders

Sava Šumanović (1896-1942) was one of the most renowned 20th-century Serbian painters. He was born in Vinkovci, today's Croatia in 1896. He studied art in Zagreb and in Paris in Andre Lot's studio. He returned to Serbia and the town of Šid in 1930, where he lived until the beginning of World War II. During the World War II the police of NDH (Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska - Independent State of Croatia) arrested him with 150 Serbian citizens and took them to a concentration camp in Sremska Mitrovica. There he was ruthlessly executed together with many other Serbs.

His early artistic style was characterized by many different influences, first of all Cubism but Fauvism and Expressionism as well. In later works, Sava Šumanović managed to develop his own artistic expression, which he called "the way I know and can." Due to innovations, he can be described as one of the most prominent painters of the first half of 20th century originating from ex-Yugoslavia.

A museum dedicated to his life and work is situated in Šid (Shid) Serbia. His works are also on display in Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia, and Novi Sad.

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