Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ivan Generalic

Croatian painter. A farmer by occupation, his artistic talent was discovered in 1930 by Krsto Hegedusic. He became the most celebrated Yugoslav naive painter and the central figure of a group of naive painters known as the HLEBINE SCHOOL. In the 1930s the simple and expressive folk style and the clear colours in which he depicted peasant scenes with traditional customs, merry festivals, tragic deaths or arduous peasant work came close to the socially critical aesthetic of the committed artists in the group Zemlja. Yet he did not develop this expression of childlike simplicity by drawing on its primary force but by studying painting, focusing particularly on problems of perspective and space and on colour.


  1. I can't find much information on his prints, particularily, The Deer Wedding. Is this a rare print?

    1. Hi. The Deer Wedding is a rare printing. But there are several books about Ivan Generalic and his art. You can find information about The Deer Wedding on " The Magic World of Ivan Generalic " by Nebojsa Tomasevic. In this book provides information on The Deer Wedding print and other prints. Furthermore if you are interested in Yugoslavian Naive painters you can read a lot about their work in Naive Painters of Yugoslavia.