Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stefan Tenecki - Стефан Тенецки

Stefan Tenecki

Epiphany and 3 Serbian Saints

The long life and creative productivity of Stefan Tenecki, probaly born in the Second half of the 18th century, lasted throught the second half of the century.Owing to Tenecki's aristocratic pedigree from Lipova, his industriousness and the qualities of his paintings, he soon became a painter to the Arad Bishops Isaija Antonovic, Sinesija Zivanovic and Pahomije Knezevic.Moreover, he was senator in the municipal council of Arad, in which status he portrayed himself in what would become the first self-portrait in Serbian painting.The Family home in Arad and his loyalty to that town did not lessen his mobility, and he was willing to work on a great number of commissions from Fruska Gora and Banat to Transylvania in the Carpathian Mountains.

Three Century of Serbian Painting, Miodrag Jovanovic

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